Thread: how to convert this C function into C # code?

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    how to convert this C function into C # code?


    Can any C-Sharp expert out there convert the C function below, into
    C-Sharp code, that I can insert into an already-existing C-Sharp program, that will compile? Thanks.

    I have an existing C code that compiles in the C environment. I want to insert this function into an already running C-Sharp program. Because I only have a week to get this done, learning C-Sharp at this time is not practical.

    The C function is simple:

    a) get the output of the ipconfig /all command, write it into a tmp file
    b) read that file for the string "" or for anything string
    that contains the string "192.168.1"
    c) if this is found, set found = 1
    d) when done, delete the tmp file
    e) if found == 0, stop the program

    Below is that C function.

    Check ( )
      char str [100];
      int found = 0;
      FILE *fi;
      system ("ipconfig /all > c:\\temp\\tmp_file");
      fi = fopen ("c:\\temp\\tmp_file", "r");
      while (! feof (fi))
          fscanf (fi, "%s", str);
          if ((strcmp (str, "") == 0) || (strstr (str, "192.168.1") != NULL))
            found = 1;
      fclose (fi);
      remove ("c:\\temp\\tmp_file");
      if (found == 0)
        exit (0);
      return 0;

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    Why would you want to convert something which is full of bugs?

    > system ("ipconfig /all > c:\\temp\\tmp_file");
    Chances are, c# already has a method to enumerate all the network connections anyway.

    > Because I only have a week to get this done, learning C-Sharp at this time is not practical.
    You don't have to learn it all, just enough to make a reasonable stab at it.
    1 day on C# network APIs might go a long way to helping you solve the problem.
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    Salam is right, there are some nice helpers built into C# for this kind of thing. Hint: use the System.Net.NetworkInformation namespace.

    I've just put together a C# version of what you require in a few lines of code, without the need to dump the contents of ipconfig into a file.

    Have a go, now that you know which namespace you need. I can post my code if you want, but it would be better to learn yourself. It's actually quite simple.

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    How do you get stuck with a job that you're unqualified for? I'm guessing this is for work. Undoubtedly, you'd just steal our code and pass it off as your own.
    If you understand what you're doing, you're not learning anything.

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