Thread: Help with 3D arrays?!

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    Unhappy Help with 3D arrays?!

    Hi, I'm trying to make an array for my class but I just can't get through it .
    I am supposed to ask for the position in the array and put a 0 in there by itself, cycle the process until the user writes 'x'. If the position has already been filled, show an error message. It has to be a 10x10 array but I don't know how to do it! Help!

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    So what are you having trouble with?

    All you need are things like
    array[row][col] = 0;

    if ( array[row][col] == 'X' )
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    How is 10x10 a 3D array?
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    Quote Originally Posted by itsme86 View Post
    How is 10x10 a 3D array?
    My thoughts exactly.

    I'll give you some help with 3D arrays. Don't use them. There are far better data structures available in .NET that will give you the same functionality.

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