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    Question C# Image Manipulation

    Hello all!
    I'll be short with my question.

    I have an absolute path to a .png image.
    I want to pre-load it as a Bitmap object.

    This gives an error:
    Bitmap loaded = new Bitmap(@absolute_path_string);
    Saying that the parameter is not valid (no other details have been given)

    Now I read something from the .NET resource about PngBitmapDecoder
    but I cannot find the System.Windows.Media.Imaging reference & namespace.

    So I'm wondering, what would be the correct way of doing this?

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    It should work correctly with PNG. Have you tried changing the .NET compiling version? I believe the earlier ones may not have supported PNG as a file type.

    The path should also be (just to make sure):

    Bitmap myBitmap = new Bitmap(@"C:\Test.PNG");
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    I'm using .NET version 4.*
    and yes the absolute path looks like so:
    "C:\\*long path string*\\something.png"
    It doesn't work for some reason though (as I have written: invalid parameter)

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    Your first example of the absolute path was, I think, wrong. You don't use @ with a variable, you use it with a string so that it escapes it for you. For example, in your last post you have \\ in there. With @ you don't have to. Do this:

    @"c:\long string path\something.png"

    Instead of:

    @"c:\\long string path\\something.png"

    Because if you use @, it will make it exactly like what you have, properly escaped: two quotes in a row, not just one, and try to read that as the path.

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    quzah nailed it. To complement on his answer:

    Either use the full path constant as illustrated on his post, or if you require the variable to be passed to the Bitmap constructor, declare it as:

    string absolute_path_string = @"c:\long string path\something.png";
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