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    Help with C#/ASP

    I am trying to move my career from SQA to developer for C#/ASP. So my question is... does anyone knows if there is a site where I can do a volunteer position so I don't have to quit my current job and move to developer field?

    Any help will be great!!!


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    Why do you need a volunteer position? Just start working on applications that interface C# with ASP. Or, if you aren't comfortable with C#, start with that first and then move to interfacing with ASP. This question is just plain silly.
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    Now, please, for the love of all things good and holy, think about what you're doing! Don't just run around willy-nilly, coding like a drunk two-year-old....
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    ..... Just don't be surprised when I say you aren't using standard C anymore, and as such,are off in your own little universe that I will completely disregard.
    Warning: Some or all of my posted code may be non-standard and as such should not be used and in no case looked at.

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