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    Unhappy Hi hope you can help me

    Create a program that prompts the user to enter personal identification number

    The program checks the number for validity and prints out the status of father following:

    If the date is after 1 October 2007 printed the Social Security number can not be checked

    If the date portion of the Social Security number is not valid print to datodel is invalid

    If the modulus 11 check is not successful food printed to the modulus 11 check is failed

    If Social Security number is found valid program prints also

    Male / Female

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    With c #

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    Quote Originally Posted by kermi3
    Forum Guidelines. Read before posting

    Welcome to the Message Boards at

    These boards are intended to help with problems, allow individuals to collaborate on projects, to answer questions, and generally communicate and debate, especially in relation to programming in C or C++. Before you ask a question, or post on these boards, please observe the following guidelines:

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    Quote Originally Posted by webmaster
    Posting code? Read this first!

    (This was originally posted as a thread by biosx. Thanks biosx. I've made it an announcement so everyone can see it)

    This is more addressed to the newer people of this forum, but I think it would be a good refresher for some.


    What are code tags?
    They are HTML-Like tags that you can insert into your post and create a specially formatted box for source code.

    What are so special about these things?
    For one, they help show where you code begins and ends. Plus it doesn't mess with your spacing or indents (a typical aesthetic in programming).

    Why do you care so much?
    I love talking on these forums and giving and receiving help. However, when people are communicating code and there is no indentation and lousy spacing, code is super-hard to read.

    How do I use code tags?
    Well if you have any experience with HTML it is fairly simple to use. A tag has a beginning and ending. A beginning tag looks like this: [tag] and an ending tag looks like this: [/tag] . The tag name for the code tag is simple, it is "code". So to begin a code tag, type the following: [code] . Then type all your code or copy and paste, whatever you want. When you are done, use the closing tag which uses the same tag name but with a forward slash to denote a closed tag: [/code] .

    You forgot something.
    Quote Originally Posted by lars View Post
    With c #
    Why aren't you on the C# board then?

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    This should have been moved into a restaurant board. All he did was to order the code.

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    using System;
    // A "Hello World!" program in C#
    namespace HelloWorld
        class Hello 
            static void Main() 
                System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

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