I've been developing this game editor in C# on a winform for about a week and have ran into a problem. My save works. I can add tiles fine. I encounter a problem when i try to add a snap function. When i scroll the snap becomes messed up. the coordinates start in the top left corner of the client non scrolled. I'm adding pictureboxes for the tiles.(I actually have the tile class inheriting picturebox) It adds fine but for the fact it adds it of and non in correct line. I've tried using the the scroll value and making a work around but whatever i try seems to fail. any advice?? Also, another problem im having is when im loading a file its not wanting to scroll out and just adding certain tiles on top of each other. I know that it isn't the x and y value because they load just fine in my game engine. Any ideas on how to fix my problems?
I know it isnt standard to have a youtube video about a problem, but i felt like that would be the best method to illustrate what was occurring.
‪Editor and Game Engine c# WIP‬‏ - YouTube
Hope you guys have some advice. I'm sure there is something in .NET that im over looking..