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    Question plz help me understand this

    I've recently shifted from C++ to C#. I'm now developing my first code in C# and wondering what the difference between a class, interface and a code file is, in C#.
    which one is the equivalence of a header file in C++?
    if there is an equivalence for header file, can I add the implementation of the functions defined or do I have to write just the prototypes in it?
    and I'd like to know which type of the files mentioned above acts like the .cpp files in C++?

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    In C# there are no header files. Your cs files contain exactly one (best practice, can be more) type. You don't need forward declarations in headers in C#, so there is no need to have redundant code.

    Interfaces can be thought of as abstract base classes. They define... well... the interface of a class. What public members it has. The implementation is up to the implementing class. As C# classes can only have a single base class, Interfaces are neccessary to provide a way for one class to have multiple... well... interfaces.

    cs files act like cpp files. But with a smarter compiler, that doesn't need redundant code to make it work. All cs files will automagically know all other files in the project and their declarations.

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    The caveat is that CS types can't be named if their namespace hasn't been brought into the local scope with the using directive.

    If you have types under the following namespaces:

    And you declare

    You can't access the types inside without adding it to your using declarations too.

    namespace foo {
        class test {
            public baz.mytype var; // compiler error!
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