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    Need Help

    I need all projects that work on match array
    ex, find the first even and the first odd number in array
    if we have an array like (2,1,1,6,3,5,8,5,3)
    if the even number = the sum of next 2 odd number return true else return false
    please need the answer sooooooooon

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    What part are you specifically have problems with? Perhaps you should post the code of your attempt so far.

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    This is clearly a homework question, however the answer is in the question. You merely have to convert the English Language to programming code.

    I'm not going to give you the answer, I never expected that kind of help when I was doing this. But here's some hints:

    Usually when you want to find something in a short simple array, you use a loop.
    "if the even number = the sum of next 2 odd number return true else return false" - this is your answer.
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    please need the answer sooooooooon

    See the policies regarding homework. There has been no attempt here at the solution and therefore no reason to keep this thread open.

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