Thread: ContexMenuStrip acting wierd

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    ContexMenuStrip acting wierd

    hi there nicethe and kindhearted ppl, u'v helped me once, so i came back for more...

    i have 3 contextMenuStrips in my form, 1 is acting on a pictureBox, second on a CheckListBox, and the third on a label created by the first ContextMenuStrip... the third one is acting kinda wierd, he stay open even if i press something alse on my form...
    any idea why is this happening?
    the first two are goinf away if i press something else... but this one is going away ONLY if i choose on of he's options...

    i use an event for the problematic one, "if the label right-clicked then popup", i use ContextMenuStrip3.Show() to make it popup... is that why he stays up??

    sorry for the amount of words for a so simple problem

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    What was the solution?

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