Thread: Printing a table-like text

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    Printing a table-like text

    I have a more generic question. There are some time I just want to print a table-like text. One word underneath the other etc. The thing is that tabs don't really function they way I want. They depend on the length of the word for example. You cannot align a word on the left of an imaginary cell either using tabs.

    I know this is something that will overly be used so I am guessing there is a nice simple way to do it. So if anybody has some code or can point to the right class that would be appreciated. I have used in the past some methods, but they were a bit messy....

    The program uses WPF and I found that you can print visually a control. Thus a Grid could do the trick. But I am not sure if this is the best method. What I would like is make a table, populate it and then just print it being able to maximize it on the best or not to have to measure all the cells-width to fit properly in an A4 page.


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    I'm not sure I really understand what you're looking for. I'm confused as to how tabs fit in here. What is wrong with a grid or table?

    This is also confusing me:
    print it being able to maximize it on the best or not to have to measure all the cells-width to fit properly in an A4 page.
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    I know this is a broad statement, but...
    Write a container class to hold your table.
    Then write a header class to format the header data.
    Then write a row class that controls all the row formating.
    Finally write a cell class that controls all your cell formating.
    This should only take you one day of work if you really focus on it.
    Have you looked at mvc and jquery yet?
    The have some cool new .net functionality that could do this for you if you are not into building from scratch.
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