Thread: Stopping Winform Process

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    Stopping Winform Process

    I have a winform application that can catch any number of possible errors. I have found though, that once a messagebox or some other method of displaying the error has been displayed (within a catch block), the program execution continues.

    How can I simply stop complete execution of the program in this event and simply just keep the form open? It is only a one form app with a single thread.


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    By keeping the form open you mean keeping the form in idle mode?
    From where does your program get input?
    In other words what is the program (that contains a wiform) does in general?

    You could stop execution by not accepting anymore input.

    If you want to freeze the program (for whatever reason) you can do
    while (freezed)
    this will freeze the program at this point and wait until the variable freezed changes and in the meantime read messages. Assuming you want this in order to check the winform after an error.

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    For debugging purposes it would make more sense to set a breakpoint and then attach to your process (XP: aspnet, Vista/W7: w3wp)

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