Thread: How can I make a self updating application - specifically a plug-in - via C#?

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    Question How can I make a self updating application - specifically a plug-in - via C#?

    I don't think I can use click once (or can I?) because it's a plug-in and not a stand-alone app...

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    A plug-in for what application?

    If your app has the freedom to execute an updating code, download from a server the new updated plugin for example, then it is self-updating right there.

    If you want the plug-in to be reinstalled then you will have to check out with the main program and see how it can be updated from there.

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    Basically I have a Outlook plug-in
    I just want to have the capability to update the plug-in without the user having to go through the hassle of uninstalling it first.

    Thanks for your continued help, C_ntua!

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    Plug-ins can be done by loading the assembly at run-time. You can pretty much query for all members of a class regardless of visibility and you can also instantiate any object in another assembly. Assembly has a GetType() function which returns a Type and then you can use the Activator class to instantiate the type and then cast it to the interface visibility that you want provided the object derives from said interface.

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