Thread: how do i create a windows icon effect?

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    how do i create a windows icon effect?

    hello i am 14 years old and i am workin on creating a dock for my desktop basically its like a windows taskbar and i want to make it so i can put my cursor over and image (program icon) and a label i want it so it will go blue then when you click it , it selects it but doesnt run the program you click then when you double click it it runs the program basically i want the icons like on windows when you add a program to your desktop that kind of effect so is there anyone out there who can do this please help me i would really appreciate it as i have spent a lot of time on it and cant find out how to do it

    thanks in advance

    jake hathaway

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    God that was tiring to read. And its your fault for not putting periods

    You can add an event handler for MouseDoubleClick on most things.
    Create a Panel, set the BackgroundImage as the image to an icon and implement the event handler for double click to open the application you want. When single clicking you can change the picture in one with blue background or anything else you want to do.

    Well, you can use a BackColor actually. Set it to Color.Transparent when de-activated and to Color.Blue when activated. Use BackgroundImage for the icon and make sure it has a transparent color on it (search for this depending on the format of the picture, you should be able to set a transparent color on a pgn).

    Well, that is all you need. For a label again change Background and maybe Font color (goolge for the Fonts).

    To run a specific application use ths
    You can find the name of the program from the label of course. Or better create a class with a label and a panel and store the full path of the program to be executed there as well.

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