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    WFA help

    Before coming to the real problem. Let me tell you that I am a newbie to C#, I have C++ and OOP concepts.
    I am given a task (Not a homework assigment) to make a windows form application that takes student's first name last name and date of joining the course. After receiving the information the application generates the Course Schedule for the student.
    I was want to know how to get started with it. Presently I am done with the UI. Like I have made a form that takes First Name, Last Name and Date of Joing then the user press the OK button. I don't know linking of events or stuff like that.
    Can anybody guide me. What should be the main structure? And how development should be done?

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    In Visual Studio double click on the button on the graphic editor and see what happens.

    Typically to link an event you do
    myButton.Click += new EventHandler(myButton_Click);
    void myButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
       //this code is executed when you click myButton
       //sender == myButton
    You can read the text inside textbox from the .Text member of a texbox. Then names of the components can be given in the graphic editor in the Name field and they are the actual names of the objects. Or can be found in the .designer.cs file.

    On Visual Studio click on the > icon near a texbox when you select it and select the option "Multilines". On the properties bar you can find and enable scrollbars as well. You can set it ReadOnly also. Then you can have a Texbox where you can insert text into it. You use again the .Text member to insert text on it (the schedule).
    You can use .Hide()/Show() members of a control to hide and show it, so fore example when you press the button you might want to hide it and the input textboxes as well and show a texbox with the schedule information.

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