Thread: Is MS phasing C/C++ out??

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    Is MS phasing C/C++ out??

    I was just on the msdn looking up functions and I noticed several times at the top: "This page will no longer be updated since due to the new .NET architecture" or something similar..... Is C# to replace C/C++? Does this mean all the time I've spent learning MFC has been one huge waste??


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    I guess they're just dropping ever making updates to their current C/C++ database, because I guess they hope that C++.NET will be a big success, and they'll only update for that? Not too sure...sure does bite then, huh?

    Either that or the function is incredibly derelict and they're completely dropping it in the .NET C++ compiler.

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    >Is C# to replace C/C++?
    Three words: Not a chance. If C# does eventually replace C and C++ then it will most certainly take a long time to do so. But I don't believe C or C++ will be phased out in my lifetime.

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    you guys seem to be mis understand (or mis informed ) about microsoft position on C++, first of C++ is the foundation of the .NET (yes it is, i know for a fact). and the C++ 7.0 (also known as C++ .Net) has tons of compiler optimizations, as well as support for older C++ code techniques. Microsoft is not ruling out C++ or trying to get C# to replace it. plain and simple.
    if you dont believe me, there are tons of articles talking about just that subject at

    people like to believe that microsoft is evil, but they are a business and sometimes people have to understand that.

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    I dont think they would be so optimistic to try phase out C/C++....more likely they are aiming at taking market share from Java.

    M$ have also hired Stanley Lipmann to help develop VC++ (He used to work with Bjarne Stroustrup)..... and in an interview he seemed to be very interested in moving VC++ more towards the standard.....which can only be good....

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    You can still use MFC in VS.NET but you have to tag your code as unsafe.

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    > You can still use MFC in VS.NET but you have to tag your code as unsafe.

    You can still use any C++ in VS.NET, and don't have to tag your code as unsafe. Just don't select a Managed C++ app from the start up options.

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