Thread: Whats the best beginners book?

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    Question Whats the best beginners book?

    Im looking on amazon but im not sure which ones going to be best for me as I have no prior experience and some of the reviews say that some very basic programming knowledge is needed

    Has anyone who may have been in the same situation with no prior experience know a perfect book for independent learning of C#?


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    My first book was Beginning Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: From Novice to Professional, by Peter Wright, published by Apress. Maybe there is an updated version as we now have C# 2010.

    This book was incredibly helpful, full of practical exercises and tutorials. Before reading it I had no programming knowledge at all apart from some very basic html and javascript experience. The book teaches you all about objects, relationships, variables, inheritance... the foundations of OO programming. Towards the end of the book there are some brief exercises on GUI programming, as well as XML and SQL tutorials.

    By the time you've finished it (should take a few weeks) you have a basic understanding of most areas of C#, and a decent foundation to then build upon.

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    I also highly recommend the apress books.
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    I liked the HeadFirst C# book from O'Reilly a lot. Make sure you get the most recent edition.

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