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    XML Documentation

    I'm talking about this...

    /// <summary>This is my class for doing things</summary>
    public class MyClass
    OK. If I include such xml documentation in an external library (dll), Visual Studio will show the comments in Applications referencing the library, provided the library source project is open within the same instance of VS as the application. However if I just reference the dll, the comments are no longer present. I assume this is because the XML commenting is not bound into the library.

    Is there a way for me to import the XML into other VS solutions without the need for the library's source also being present?


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    IN YOUR .DLL (Class Library) Project...

    1. Go to Project -> Project Properties...

    2. On the "Build" tab toward the bottom, check "XML Documentation File"

    3. IMPORTANT: Make sure to name the file the same as your project
    (for some reason it doesn't work if you specify a different name, or at least it doesn't work for me, stupid it even lets you choose)



    1. Remove the reference (and delete any .DLL, .PDB from the bin folder if "Removing" didn't remove everything)

    2. Re-reference the .DLL and you should see your XML documentation!
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    StainedBlue, that's perfect. Thanks.

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