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    Trouble with errors

    I keep coming up with 2 errors with my code. These are the errors

    ||In function 'double arrayLabAve(int, double*)':|
    |188|error: a function-definition is not allowed here before '{' token|
    |214|error: expected '}' at end of input|
    ||=== Build finished: 2 errors, 0 warnings ===|

    Here is my
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    	#define Max_Students 10
            int grades;
            int eScores;
            int lScores;
    		int getStudentCount();
    		int getExamScores(int,float*);
    		int getLabScores(int,float*);
    		void calculatePointGrades(float[],int,float[]);
    		void calculateLetterGrades(int,float[]);
    		float ExamGrade[Max_Students];
    		float LabGrade[Max_Students];
    		float PointGrade[Max_Students];
    		char LetterGrade[Max_Students];
    		void showGradeData(double[],double[],char[], double[],int);
    		double arrayExamAve(int, double[]);
    		double arrayLabAve(int, double[]);
    		void arrayLetterGrades(int, double[]);
    		void arrayPointGrades (int, double[]);
    // Declare functions here, include the necessary parameters here and in the actual functions below.
    // (once the function prototypes are created, the main()
    // function can be moved back to the top of the code.)
    // Declare the arrays here
    void display(int);
    int main()
    		int NumStudents;
    			NumStudents = getStudentCount();
    			getExamScores(NumStudents, ExamGrade);
    			getLabScores(NumStudents, LabGrade);
    int getStudentCount()
    // functions that gets total number of students
    		int StudentInput;
    			cout << "Enter the number of students: ";
    return StudentInput;
    int getExamScores (int count , float *Grade)
    // function that gets Exam Grade
        for (int student = 0; student <count; ++student)
    			cout << "enter exam grade for student "<< student+1 <<": ";
    			cin >> *Grade;
    return 0;
    int getLabScores (int count , float *Grade)
    // function that get Lab Average grade
        for (int student = 0; student <count; ++student)
    			cout << "enter lab grade for student "<< student+1 <<": ";
    			cin >> *Grade;
    return 0;
    void calculatePointGrades(float LabGrade[],int count, float ExamGrade[])
    // function that calculates Point Grade by getting ExamGrade and LabAverage as arguments
    	for (int student = 0; student < count; student++)
    	       PointGrade[student] = (.7*ExamGrade[student]) + (.3*LabGrade[student]);
    void calculateLetterGrades(int count,float PointGrade[])
    // function that calculates Letter Grades based on Point Grade
    	for (int student = 0; student < count; ++student)
    	      else if(PointGrade[student]>=80 && PointGrade[student]<90)
    	      else if(PointGrade[student]>=70 && PointGrade[student]<80)
    	      else if(PointGrade[student]>=60 && PointGrade[student]<70)
    void showGradeData(double arrayExamAve[],double arrayLabAve[],char arrayLetterGrades[], double arrayPointGrades[],int getStudentCount )
    // Prints a table of the student's scores and grades from the arrays
    			cout << arrayExamAve[eScores] << arrayLabAve[lScores] << arrayLetterGrades[grades] << arrayPointGrades[grades];
    			cout <<endl;
    // this statement is used for intial test and debugging
    // returns no values to main
    double arrayExamAve(int numStudents,double arrayExamAve[])
    // Averages the student's numeric exam grades from the array
    		int eScores=0;
    		int sum=0;
    		int ave=0;
    	for (sum = 0; sum <= numStudents; sum++)
    {			sum = sum + arrayExamAve[eScores];
    			ave = sum/numStudents;
    // this statement is used for intial test and debugging
    return ave;
    // returns average exam score to main
    double arrayLabAve(int numStudents,double arrayLabAve[])
    // Averages the student's numeric lab grades from the array
    int lScores=0;
    int sum=0;
    int aveg=0;
    for (sum = 0; sum <= numStudents; sum++)
    { sum = sum + arrayLabAve[lScores];
    aveg = sum/numStudents;
    void display(int count)
    // function that display the mark details along with total average
         int TotalExamGrade=0;
          float TotalLabGrade=0.0,TotalPointScore=0.0;
    	  // variables for finding total
          float AvgExamGrade,AvgLabGrade,AvgPointScore;
          // variables for finding average
    			cout<<"\n\nSNO"<<"\t"<<"EXAM SCORE"<<"\t"<<"LAB SCORE"<<"\t\t"<<"POINT GRADE"<<"\t"<<"LETTER GRADE"<<endl;
        for(int student=0; student<count ; student++)
    	    TotalExamGrade = TotalExamGrade + ExamGrade[student];
    	    TotalLabGrade = TotalLabGrade + LabGrade[student];
    	    TotalPointScore = TotalPointScore + PointGrade[student];
          AvgExamGrade = (float)TotalExamGrade / count;
          AvgLabGrade = TotalLabGrade / count;
          AvgPointScore = TotalPointScore / count;
    			cout<<"\n\n Exam Average        : "<<AvgExamGrade;
    			cout<<"\n Lab Average Average : "<<AvgLabGrade;
    			cout<<"\n Point Score Average : "<<AvgPointScore;
    Any help would be great.

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    You never close your LabAve function before starting the next one.

    (And is this really C#? Doesn't look it.)

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    This is not C#, its C++. And, I think "Code readability 101" needs to be the first required class in every computer science program. Like tabstop said, your arrayLabAve function is left with no return command and no closing brace.
    The keyboard is the standard device used to cause computer errors!

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