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    Post c# timer from

    i want a c# form with a timer to run in background in windows (not even visible on taskbar) and run another program after the timer stops..
    can u plz help me hw to do it??

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    i mean tell me the code that will help me call another program after time completes and how du i hide dat from taskbar n other places..

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    Read about System.Diagnostics.Process.Start, and don't create a window and you won't see the application (if you do a console app you will always get the black window, so do a windows app).

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    Yay for malicious script kiddies!

    Give us a good, legitimate reason why you need to hide your program "from taskbar n [sic] other places"
    Can u du dat?

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    Post some code so we can help at least with the timer part

    edit: I would also believe that you cannot simply do that. Except by installing some driver-like software or changing some core functions or in general changing the way the OS registers the processes.
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    look into services. there is good support for service control in the .Net framework.

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