Thread: List is lost when Form is not active

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    List is lost when Form is not active

    Hello there

    I'm trying to make an editor with Visual C#, and storing the data in the Form in List<T> variables. Problem is, when I change the active window while the editor is running, or I open up in the editor a new Form, the data in my Lists is lost. What am I doing wrong?

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    The list is being declared as private. Do not forget a Form is a class and by default any objects defined within default to private. If you wish for the list to be accessible, either:

    - Define it as public. Ugly. Should be avoided.
    - Pass it to the new form by defining a new constructor that accepts a List<T> as one of its arguments. You then call the new form with this constructor. Not very elegant on most circumstances, unless the constructor serves more purposes than simply avoiding the previous solution.
    - Define the List<T> object as a property of the main form, instead of a member. Elegant.

    There's also the possibility of using delegates. But I don't think you want to go there just yet.
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