Thread: numericUpDown to affect another

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    numericUpDown to affect another

    I'm setting width and height variables on my form using numericUpDowns. Range is 1-100 for both.

    Have a third numericUpDown on the same form which I'd like to be no larger than the larger of the width and height.

    Is this possible? How can I do it?

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    I am not sure I understand what exactly you want to do but I will try to give it a shot. lol.

    The NumericUpDown has a .Value property, a .Maximum, and a .Minimum property. Just use those to set the values for the other NumericUpDown's...

    if (NumericUpDown1.Value > NumericUpDown2.Value)
    	NumericUpDown3.Maximum = NumericUpDown1.Value;
    	NumericUpDown3.Maximum = NumericUpDown2.Value;
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