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    Question Learning C#, Where To Start?

    I've finally decided on C# as my introduction into the world of programming. I know programming is extremely vast and that it isn't the easiest subject to learn for quite a few individuals. For a complete newbie to programming, what would be a good route to getting started? Would a "Teach Yourself C#" self-help book be ideal or? Any feedback or advice would be most appreciated!

    Homework Note (just noting I've done my homework before asking here)
    I did extensive reading at Amazon trying to find the right book. The hard part is most of the books I consider to be "beginner friendly" were written in 2005 or earlier. Then there are books that do not cover the latest version of .NET or C#. Plenty of books, beginner friendly factor unknown, come out in 2010 that cover C# v4 and .NET 4.0 but several are going to be third or fourth quarter 2010 releases. Kinda lost on what to do.

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    Honestly when I first took a class on Windows Forms programming I had no Idea about C#, I read the C# Programming guide. It can be read here

    C# Programming Guide

    I work at a Microsoft Shop and found that As far as the language goes that's all you'll need. The rest is just finding the right libraries to get the job done.
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    i suggest
    AppDev C# 2008 programming for you & every Beginner
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