Thread: help needed with linked list code pleaaaaaaase

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    help needed with linked list code pleaaaaaaase

    i have to write this linked list program and i dont even know how to write the nodes....or the program

    it says:
    1st part:
    define a structure that represents family linked list information each family has three components:husband,wife and the number of children varies from family to family,the children are represented by a list that is capable of accomodating any number of items .each person is in turn represented by a structure of four components:name,surname,date of birth,and job.the job information is "unemployed" or it specifies the working organization and salary.

    the 2nd part of it

    assume that a simple(one way) list is already populated with a set of families,and a global pointer list points to the first node of the list.
    write a program to answer the following queries:
    1.find the name of all the "unemployed "people.
    2.find all the children born in 2000
    3.find all names with salary s,where 1000<=s<=2000
    4-find whether x is a wife.
    5.find whether x is a child.

    all i did was writing a node of family and another of family member....couldnt do the job node or the children node
    anybody could help pleaaaaaaaaaase um lost

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    Please read the board's homework policy

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    Smile dont want the entire prob done

    i dont want the whole problem done......any help would be usefull even just the begging of the problem cuz um lost and i dunno anything
    the only part i did was this(i dont think it's even right )
    record member {
         member next
         string firstName
    string surname
    int birthdate
         integer age
     record family { 
         family next
         string husband
         string wife
        string children
         member members /
    and i wrote the whole problem so that people who could help can know what um talking about
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