Thread: C# Live Video Editing/Rendering

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    C# Live Video Editing/Rendering

    hi to all,
    I have design a Application that takes input

    from the Web cam or other video devices. and

    have to add some frames in the Live video and

    then display.
    i have study out the direct sdk , which

    provide the flexible enviornment. but i dont

    get the proper flow.It is totaly based on the

    VC++ component.
    Please Help.

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    For true streaming you'd probably have to write your own filter (Or purchase one that is available). You can find a multicast streaming filter example in the directshow/directsound examples that you can get as a seperate download through microsoft.

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    can u tell me the link to purchase filters.

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    Try using aforge. It's very simple to use.

    Get it from here: aforge - Project Hosting on Google Code

    I can email you a sample project I made with it. It's a small program that detects all the webcams, gets alive feed, and then adds certain filters to the live video.

    Afroge is simple to use and very very powerful.

    Just let me know if you want the source to my project.

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