Thread: What's the best way to parse XML Schema with C# Language.

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    Question What's the best way to parse XML Schema with C# Language.

    Hello all,

    Good day.

    I plan to parse XML schema using C#.
    But my XSD file is very complex.

    What's the best way to parse the XSD file and generate a C# class file.

    What can i do is using the classes of System.Xml.Schme ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have to explore XML under C#. Others may have more informed opinions. But my first forays into this System.XML revealed to me a set of very raw read/write methods that end up forcing you to produce a huge amount of ugly code for anything but the simplest of parsing.

    As such, I'd probably advise Linq to XML as a more elegant approach. In any case the whole document is surely worth reading.
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    If you need to generate a C# class file from an XSD, there is already a tool to do so called xsd.exe, and it's provided along with the .NET framework. Google searches for "c# xsd" turn up MANY results.

    If you want to do it at runtime and you don't like System.Diagnostics.Process, I would suggest opening up xsd.exe in Reflector and seeing if you can use some of its components.

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