Thread: How to use something equivlent to Windows Form Application on a Mac OS Leopard

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    How to use something equivlent to Windows Form Application on a Mac OS Leopard


    My friend has a Mac, and we're interested in learning C#, still it isn't easy when he can't follow because he doesn't have Windows. He's using something called The Mono Project, and he can choose something called a GNOME application, isn't it some GUI thing?
    Thanks in advance.
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    GNOME is a very popular desktop environment for Linux. If it's the not the most popular one, it's a close second. To me that sounds like the same as a Windows Form Application, but I'm sure there are significant differences.

    The Mono Project, from what I hear, has improved a lot and is quite good now. It's an implementation of the .NET framework for other OS's, and that fulfills the original purpose of .NET. But I'd be surprised if you didn't fun into some compatibility issues anyway. It should be enough to follow the concepts in class, though.

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