Thread: ADO.NET in VS2008 or gdi+ (beginner question)

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    Question ADO.NET in VS2008 or gdi+ (beginner question)

    I'll be writing master's thesis. Currently I deal with php, mysql, ajax.
    Fate decreed that I've to choose one of this subjects:
    1.gdi+ library in .net technology technology in VS 2008.
    I didn't have contact with Visual Studio, .NET. I only know some basics of c++. Applications that i will have to write for subject that i choose will be in C#.

    My question is what subject of your point of view will be easier for absolute beginner in .net domain. From writing which subject I gain more knowledge which could be useful in writing web apps.
    Also can you write some interesting titles of books for this subjects (for beginner, sth like "for dummies" series)

    Thanks in advance.

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    ADO.NET will probably be more useful to you as you deal with web based technology but it wont bring you much jow unless you know ASP.NET, C# etc...

    As for books, I found the best way to get into .NET is via the language (not straight into the framework). Jesse Liberty had a good book on C#. He now has a more up to date version covering C# 3.0. I havent tried that version, but it's worth looking at and reading some more reviews

    Programming C# 3.0: Jesse Liberty, Donald Xie: Books

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    I don't think gdi+ will be very useful for writing web apps since the gui for web apps is done with the traditional methods you're already accustomed to (html & css). is really simple, so for a beginner it should be straightforward, esp. since you already understand db concepts. not to mention is extremely useful for web apps.

    in addition to, study "linq" when you get a chance.

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    GDI++ is very useful in web apps (ie if you have to convert any live/historical data to a graphical format).

    I think GDI would be more interesting.
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