Thread: A small problem spoiling my application!

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    A small problem spoiling my application!


    The problem is quiet trivial. Say suppose i have "Hello friendes{BACK}{BACK}s" in one file. Now when i print the file's contents in textbox it should print "Hello friends"
    ({BACK} = backspace key). I don't know how to do this. I tried

    but it's not working. I even tried this for loop

      while(1 > 0)
          int intIndex = StringToFormat.IndexOf("{BACK}");
          if (intIndex <= -1)
          if (intIndex == 0)
              StringToFormat = StringToFormat.Remove(0, 6);
              StringToFormat = StringToFormat.Remove(intIndex - 1, 7);
    because the user may press several backspaces simultaneously. Please help me!
    Thanks in advance

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    I don't believe that a \b makes any sense outside of the context of a terminal nowadays. A textbox will probably just draw one of those cute little boxes at you.

    The second method looked valid though... step through it with the debugger.

    (And... you ARE setting the value of the text box somewhere... right? Assuming it's a System.Windows.Forms.TextBox, the .Text property, IIRC.)
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    Thanks Cactus_Hugger you are right it draws a funny little box. And ya, the while loop is absolutely correct actually the problem was somewhere else. I corrected it! Thanks anyways!

    Though when i use

    it works
    So i thought may be "\b" would also work

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