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    Sound Focus Programm

    I'm requesting or making a program myself for the purpouse of lowering the volume automaticaly when a certain program makes a sound.

    I came up with this idea since I often listen to music, but have to pay attention to certain programms making sounds from them, for example, warning sounds or the likes.

    This programm would use Vistas inbuilt Mix function, alowing you to mute certain programms and adjust their volume individualy.

    The programm would check weither or not selected programms made a sound or not, while they did so and for a few miliseconds after, the programms not selected would have their volume set to a certain level, this one also adjusted inside the programm.

    Il show a picture, ( remmember that this would be a slim version, only alowing you to adjust the set volume, and use the checkboxes to select programms to watch.

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    And your question related to C# is......?

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    The question would be, are there any direct issues people would see with this programm?
    Or, is this programm already done so it's no use to make a new one, or is there someone that would like to do it, wrote "I'm requestion or making", so that leaves up to the people that read this post the choise to answer, "I can do that sounds intresting".

    But If I should ask a direct question regarding how to make the program that would be, how do I interfere with the standard windows interface such as the sound mix box, should I get myself a framework to work towards the windows interface.

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