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    Enum List problem


    I'm trying to use .exists on list of enums but am getting the following error when trying to pass the value of the enumaerated constant:
    "The best overloaded method match for 'System.Collections.Generic.List<TenderLib_v0._1.T enderOutcome>.Exists(System.Predicate<TenderLib_v0 ._1.TenderOutcome>)' has some invalid arguments"

    Can someone pleas give me a pointer?

    public enum TenderOutcome
            Undetermined = 0,
            Won = 1,
            Lost = 2        
    internal void setOutcome(int o)
    List<TenderOutcome> valuesList= new List<TenderOutcome>();
                valuesList = this.OutcomeList; //OutcomeList just returns the values of type TenderOutcome from a dictionary
                foreach (TenderOutcome tender in valuesList)
                if (!(valuesList.Exists(TenderOutcome.Won)) || (valuesList.Exists(TenderOutcome.Lost)))

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    Exists() expects a predicate (takes an enum, returns a bool). You pass the enum directly.
    Use this instead:
    .Exists(Value => (Value == TenderOutcome.Won))
    However it's probably better to use the Contains method:

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    Great stuff!

    In the last hour I wrote an extra class to get .Exist to work like .Contains :/

    public bool Check(List<TenderOutcome> outcomeList, int outcome)
                if (OutcomeList.Exists(delegate(TenderOutcome x) { return x.Equals(outcome); }))
                { return true; }
                else return false;

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