Thread: how to set parameter for activex control.

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    how to set parameter for activex control.

    hi, i'm working in vs2005.
    i bought ip camera and i wanna develop my program to use activex control(.ocx) in software.
    it works in html when i set parameter in html code like this...
    <OBJECT ID="IPCam_Plugin" CLASSID=clsid:b015b944-7316-49ae-ac84-acca9379ea32 ALIGN="CENTER" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="240" Codebase="/,0,7,0">
    <PARAM name="IP" value="">
    <PARAM name="Port" value="5150">
    <PARAM name="Login" value="5BBB31144D">
    <PARAM name="Password" value="E39FACB1A2">
    <PARAM name="Code" value="899EDF974454DDB53917AD">
    <PARAM name="Debug" value="0">
    but i want to use application in this control.
    when i add activex control in vs2005, i can see message to set parameter for this ocx.
    how can i fix it?
    can i get snippet code?
    and any suggestion will be welcome.
    best regards.

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    I would think they would be exposed as properties or functions of the class.

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