Thread: how to change a txt file to a xml one

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    Question how to change a txt file to a xml one


    is it possible to change a txt file to a xml file?
    if yes,
    will you plz tell me how?

    thank you

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    Look up information on file I/O in C#

    StreamReader Class (System.IO)

    StreamWriter Class (System.IO)

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    It is only possibly if you have some mapping from the text file to the XML file. XML is just a description of how to build a file format, but it does not define a file format in and of itself. Additionally, your .txt file has a format that is known only to you. To do the conversion, you need to know:
    1) The format of your .txt file.
    2) The format of your XML.
    3) The conversion between the two.

    It feels like you don't really understand what XML is - read up it, and it should be clear why we cannot answer your question.
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