Thread: Create EAN code in c#

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    Create EAN code in c#


    I am develops a Label system for a small business, and i am wondering how i could create EAN codes.
    I have looked at some complete scripts, but none of them fitted into the system, they where simply bad coded and i couldn't take any lessons of them.

    I thought that i maybe could create a bitmap and put it into a picturebox, but how is the easiest way of creating the file?

    EDIT: I am use to work whit binary numbers, if that is required, what do You think?

    Thanks a lot,
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    European Article Number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Binary arithhmetics would not apply very much here.

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    How will the codes be presented?
    Perhaps you could use an EAN font?

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    An EAN font isn't an bad idea, but could i include the font in the install package later on?
    It should work in a .cab...?

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