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Thread: C# vs C

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    C# vs C

    Whats is better C or C#?

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    Mmm..I am not sure but I think I have seen this thread before

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    I was reading today that C# is much easier to use than C++ in terms of building and deploying advanced programs. The reason for this is because the .NET framework takes care of the dirty work that was needed in C++ such as ATL and COM components.

    If you just look at the language definitions that I think that C++ has more to offer than any language, however taking just the OOP paradigm, than C# and Java are just as powerful, infact they are pure OOP languages. I keep reading about .NET every chance I get and I'm finding that it is not a joke. A programmer can even reach new niches such as building web services for distributed computing. The new .NET Base Class Library is organized under a namespace hierarchy with Windows Forms, Web Forms, Console, namespaces. It's organized so that it is easy to find what you need and each of the supported languages can use the same BCL and even each others classes(System.Reflection namespace). I would at the very least say that it is a huge improvement over VS6 especially for VB programmers and anyone who wanted to build windows and web applications and interfaces to specialized servers.
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