Thread: Windows Form Application ?

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    Windows Form Application ?

    Hello everyone I am new here and new to C# , I want to learn Windows Form Applications in C# can anyone recommend me some books ? I am quiet good in C++ and currently studying all the Object Oriented Concepts so I want to start C# as my secondary language so please help me out thanks

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    I'm not really sure what books are good. I mostly just learned C# by trying it out, and looking up web articles about aspects of the language I didn't immediately understand. Microsoft has a lot of web documentation on virtually everything.

    I'd recommend just taking the plunge and trying out a few simple programs. You can of course ask questions here.
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    This book is, as far as I know, the Bible of Windows Forms Programming.

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    That's the book I learned from it's pretty good. I'd also look into WPF as it is a new form of desktop application framwork that i think is better than windows forms, perhaps a bit more complicated but you can do some cool things with it.

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