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    Matrix Programming Help

    i'm very new to the programming. i have two questions related to matrices. Hope somoeone will help me with the code or even pseudo code is fine.

    1. A c# function that returns TRUE when a matrix have same elements in anyone of the rows.
    eg. 1 2 4
    1 1 1
    2 2 4

    The function for the above matrix should return True otherwise false.

    2. A c# function which takes two input values and displays a matrix in the following pattern

    input: a,b

    a a a a
    a a a b
    a a b b
    a b b b
    b b b b

    I would appreciate your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by solarexplode View Post
    I would appreciate your help
    What help you need? Do you have a specific question?
    Do you have a code which has problems?
    What have you already done?
    To be or not to be == true

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