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    c# array

    I am building a telnet server and I want to no how to make an array. This array needs to include a socket, streamreader, streamwriter, and the ipaddress, is this possible?

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    Make a class with the information you needed and then add it to a list. Otherwise to make a new array of your class it would be something like:

    yourClass[] Something = new yourClass[SIZE]();

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    Might I suggest you learn the basics of the C# language before you try to write a server?

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    Rags is correct. You need to have at least a basic understanding of OOP.

    From the criteria you've listed, I would make an object such as:

    class UserObject
        public Socket socket;
        public IPAddress ip;
        public StreamReader reader;
        public StreamWriter writer;
        public UserObject() { }
        public UserObject(Socket socket)
            this.socket = socket;
            this.ip = ((IPEndPoint)socket.RemoteEndPoint).Address;
            this.reader = new StreamReader(new NetworkStream(socket));
            this.writer = new StreamWriter(new NetworkStream(socket));
    Once you've created an object you're happy with, you could either use an ArrayList, or even better would be a List<T> since all the array elements will be the same object type:

    List<UserObject> my_users = new List<UserObject>();

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