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    ip camera

    i bought ip camera and i'd like to develop application to manage this one.
    this application will offer some features like playing video, record.
    first i gonna do displaying video from ip camera.
    can u help me?
    best regards.

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    Use C# to write the program.

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    Sorry for sounding ignorant, but what is an IP Camera? You've left us with very little information.

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    An IP camera is a ceamera that sends its video feed or an IP network. Its abit of a misnomer, since they are usually TCP/IP, not pure IP cameras. Generally they willhave an API interface fro HTML that will let you access the video feed, but every camera is different. Some only allow proprietary plugins to access the video, which makes then more or less worthless for application development or engineering purposes. You would be far better off using C/C++ to write the application though, since there is a lot mroe existing code for doing this, where with C# you will end up writing everythign from scratch, and get crap performance to boot.

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