Thread: Microsoft Visual C#, opening my program on another computer?

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    Microsoft Visual C#, opening my program on another computer?

    When i e-mail my visual C# program to my friend, it doesnt open, which packages should i attach in order for my friend to open it, how do i do that?

    Also i am using Japanese version and sending it to an english computer, so ehm does that matter or should i include something else extra?

    Any feedback on this is very much appreciated.

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    You might need to either make him install the visual studio redistributable, or create an installer that makes him install it automatically.

    In visual studio there's a project type called an installer project. In there, some dependencies your program uses such as DLLs and similar are automatically detected, and if I recall correctly, there's an option to include the redist.
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    Install the dotnet framework on the target machine.
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    Your friend will also need to copy it to a local disk, opening a .NET application from a network drive will result in security exceptions in a default environment.

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