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    Windows Form Sizing

    I am trying to create a form with a small width ( about 64). i have removed the formcontrols and made the maximize and minimize boxs false. the form has a fixedsingle borderstyle.

    my problem is i cannot size the width of the form down below a certain size.

    is there anyway to overcome this?

    i am trying to use it as a sort of toolbar to display some small thumbnail images, which will later be dragged and dropped onto other forms.

    Is this the right approach or should i be using another type of control/form

    thanks in advance

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    Set the formborderstyle to "none". Of course you'll lose the actual border, but I guess that's your intention anyway.

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    thanks for the reply

    i have tried removing the border, the form still will not size down below what appears to be a default minimum.

    i can make it smaller in the IDE but not at run time - it just goes back to the size it was normally, even if i programatically override the height and width and run time.

    the smallest size i can resize to on the mdiparent appears to be the exact hight height and width of the control buttons that i have removed.

    hopefully someone will come up with a solution or alternative method.

    i found this link but unfortunelty its not C# orientated and appears a little bit above my understanding at present.

    anyone can take a look and maybe turn into something i can undertsand ? or is this really going to far now.
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