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Thread: C++ versus C#

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    C++ versus C#

    I hear that C# seems to be one of those new languages coming out that is supposed to "revolutionize" programming. I don't really like it. I like how C++ can slip into low-level features and still get as abstract as to have polymorphism and object-orientation. Yet C# seems to be a little more limited to the abstract domain (like Java).

    I know C++ can be used for many different types of applications well, but what about C#? In what areas does C# provide better support for? I don't see it as worth getting used to a new language if you can still program it in the old one with no substantial advantages. I hear the internet is one of those things, but I'm really fuzzy on how applications work online, etc.

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    It's not C#(CSharp) it's Db(DFlat) !

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    C# has very powerful RAD features, even better than Borland, and provides full UNICODE support for all classes.

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    Regarding the C# advantages, it has full interoperability with the .NET Base Class Library (BCL). The .NET model will allow you to use webservices in your applications, it improves upon the operating system by allowing you to create stronger lower level applications which have security features introduced in the common language runtime. Everything is compiled to an intermediate language and there is cross language capability. It is a stronger application environment and much richer choice for building integrated applications with server and client across networks.

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    do standard functions in C# provide better error trapping techniques?

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    I believe that all the .NET languages have type safety. It won't let you overwrite a string or assign a larger or smaller number than the type range for the object. There are not functions, but every data type is an object and has associated methods. Even an integer is an object for example.

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