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    C# open source

    I have been fooling around with C# for a few days now and I really like the base language. The only problem is that it is a probriatary language and it uses the .NET platform. I there anyway to change this(I mean, is there an open source, machine code alternative)?

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    I have never tried this myself, but there is the Mono project.
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    open it up

    As already stated there is the Mono-Project. It tries to have complete compatibility with .NET/WinForms along with other really nice features.
    If you want to program any OpenGL projects then I suggest the Tao-Framework along with SDL.NET. There's a lot out there in the open source community in regards to C#.
    If you're going to program in Linux/FreeBSD try using MonoDevelop (based off of SharpDevelop initially, but has taken on it's own form).


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    C# is only useful because VB is slowly becoming useless.

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