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    Common Language Runtime

    Im doing a report on C# and im just wondering what is the CLR? is that the compiler?

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    When you compile your code in .NET, a PE file is created. The PE file contains several things including dll's, .exe's, a manifest, metadata, 'however' the dll's and exe's are not binary dll's and .exe's, instead they are made from an intermediate language. It doesn not matter what language you use, either VB.NET, C#, Managed C++, they all are translated into the exact same Intermediate Lanuage code because they are all designed to meet the specification of the Common Type system. When you actually run your program a Just In Time Compiler converts the Intermediate Language PE files into binary executables line by line as it reads the intermediate language code into binary code for that specific operating system. The Common Language Runtime than I believe is the intermediate state where the PE file exists and the dll's and exe's are in the intermediate language state.

    If you go to search fo the .NET Shows. There is a two hour show on the Common Language Runtime that you can download and watch. There are also about 10 other movies about various aspects of .NET. They are very good.

    I definately don't know all the details because I have only studied .NET in my spare time. They don't teach it in College.

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