Thread: Any socket programming tutorial in .NET?

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    Any socket programming tutorial in .NET?


    The example in MSDN is confusing...

    And I lost in Google...


    Anybody know good socket tutorial (a simple one) in .NET?

    There is something called backlog in the parameters, what it is by the way?
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    C# Sockets Tutorials

    MSDN - Socket.Listen method:
    Quote Originally Posted by MSDN
    The backlog parameter specifies the number of incoming connections that can be queued for acceptance.
    See section 4.14 here for a good explanation of the backlog parameter.

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    Thank you, rags_to_riches. one

    backlog,... Why they don't use maxConnection term instead?

    I think I'll switch to .NET technology from native C, even they are slower (T_T")
    They provide a LOT of API that easy to use (people say).

    I just wondering why C# / C++ syntax become complex?
    Something like Delegate, why they don't use virtual functions instead?
    It makes our code looks ugly after all... *sob* we need to explain more to our friend for that.

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    Mmm because a delegate is in no way related to a virtual function? Delegates are type-safe function pointers pretty much.

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    Instead of delegates you can try lambda functions. You can declare a delegate like a function and assign that to the eventlistener that handles it, or do it inline, or use a lambda.

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