Thread: Does VS2008 have anything like Pythons IDLE?

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    Does VS2008 have anything like Pythons IDLE?

    I've been learning C# recently and I've enjoyed it so far. I have a very small amount of programming experience with python before I started with C#. In python they had the IDLE, a real time interpreter that I could use to test functions one by one before moving on with the rest of the program. Is there anything like this in VS2008 that will run a simple command line and allow me to make method calls to test to see if my methods are working and interacting properly before I move on with writing the rest of the program(not sure if what I've just written works)?

    If not is there an easy way I could create a textbox on a form that I could use to make method calls when I run the program from inside vs2008, or even a simple command line program I could load classes into to test out?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    VS has a Unit testing feature like MBUnit integrated into it. This is in the professional version.

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