Thread: basic questions about web services development

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    basic questions about web services development

    Hello everyone,

    New to Web Services. After some experiment, some basic questions.

    1. What is the function of a code hehind file? Any benefits of have a separate asmx and asmx.cs file?

    2. When we press F5 to debug, I it is not running on IIS. If IIS is not hosting the web services, which party hosts the web services when we use F5 to debug?

    3. I am always confused what is the function and why we need [WebService]? I think [WebMethod] is enough since we expose web service through a public function, not through a class (marked with WebService attribute).

    thanks in advance,

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    F5 starts a development server - a HTTP daemon which visual studio runs. As far as my experience goes, it is insanely slow and often displays and/or execute code wrongly. Eg. it will work on my IIS daemon but not on the development server.
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