Thread: can not load mscorwks.dll?

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    can not load mscorwks.dll?

    Hello everyone,

    When executing !bpmd command in WinDbg, there is error like this, any ideas?

    (there is no such error, if I start to run the application, and break in the middle of running, then type !threads again. My purpose is to use !bpmd command to set breakpoint before the application runs, so this situation makes me inconvenient.)

    0:000> !bpmd
    Failed to find runtime DLL (mscorwks.dll), 0x80004005
    Extension commands need mscorwks.dll in order to have something to do.

    thanks in advance,
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    So where is this dll ? Have you started a search on that PC to find it ? It's either not there, or it's not the correct version. In both cases, installing a new .NET Framework might help.

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