Thread: error CS0051: Inconsistent accessibility

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    error CS0051: Inconsistent accessibility

    Hello everyone,

    For the following code, the compile error is,

    error CS0051: Inconsistent accessibility: parameter type 'TestEnum1.Goo.Level' is less accessible than method 'TestEnum1.Foo.Test(TestEnum1.Goo.Level)'
    My fix is to make class Goo public, is it correct fix? Why there is such compile error?

        class Goo
            public enum Level
                Error = 0,
                Warning = 1
        public class Foo
            static public void Test(TestEnum1.Goo.Level l)

    thanks in advance,

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    Not a C# person, but I can't see any good reason to have a method available where the parameter type is not in scope. That is, in the main program, you can see that there is a function called Test, but won't have any way to pass it anything, since TestEnum1.Goo.Level isn't a legitimate type at that point of the program.

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    My fix is to make class Goo public, is it correct fix? Why there is such compile error?
    Yes, that's correct. Either make Goo public or make the Test method less accessible (same scope as Goo), because it makes no sense to have a public method, that no one can call because the parameter types are not public.

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