I'm trying to get a very simple remotable type example working (from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-ie/libr...2e(en-us).aspx ).

I've put together the Remotable Type, the Server/Host and the Client exactly as in the tutorial. The Client is on a different machine from the other 2 (although you need to copy the RemotableType.dll to the client and add a reference to it).

In my client, I configure the remote connection (specifying the machine etc. as in the tutorial) and then create my instance of the remotable class with the code below:

RemotingConfiguration.Configure("Client.exe.config.txt", false);
RemotableType.RemotableType remoteObject = new RemotableType.RemotableType();
The trouble is, this is simply creating and running the remotableType on the Client machine. Is there something extra I need to do to actually get it to make that connection to the Server machine, have it run the code and return the result to the client as the tutorial says it does.