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    file close issue

    Hello everyone,

    Suppose I am using append mode to write to a file using StreamWriter. My application is a long run Windows service. I get the handle of StreamWriter only once during the start of my application by using StreamWriter abc = new StreamWriter (...). I never close the handle abc until application stops, and will use the handle to perform write operations in the runtime of the application.

    I only write to the file rarely, for example, there may be no write operation for 2 days or something.

    My question is, if I obtain the handle of the StreamWriter too long without any write operations (for example, 2 days or longer), will the handle (or the underlying file) be closed by some parties (e.g. CLR, OS, etc.) -- like timeout of socket?

    thanks in advance,

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    Probably. If the write operation isn't time critical, I'd aquire a new StreamWriter for each write operation. Keeping it open is unneccessary.

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